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Press release / Tisková zpráva #01

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There are 185 crews on the preliminary start list now. The North Bohemian spa city of Teplice will become the second center of the event. Accommodation for both nights will be in Panorama hotel www.tepgastro.cz/panorama.html. We succeeded in getting really TOP tariff of EUR 16 per night and participant with breakfast and V.A.T. Included! Start fee is 150Euro or 3600CZK.

The Rallye Headquarters will be again in the premises of the Radotín vocational school. The Ceremonial start will take place on Friday, 08 April 2016, at about 7 P.M. in the center of Prague. The route of the 1st Leg will be very simple and easy! We will go from the center of Prague taking the main road! The Night Show Section at airport Panenský Týnec will follow. The first car should arrive to the finish by square Teplice at about 9,30 P.M.

The Saturday Leg will consist of 7 Show Sections and the first car is expected to come to the finish at approximately 4,30 P.M.

The Sunday Leg route with only 2 Show Sections will bring us back to Radotín. The first car should reach the finish line at about 1 P.M. The overall route length of the event is close to 550 km.

On RPR 2016 will be added new official category. This category is for foreign legends! NOTE- Slovaks are not for us foreigner. On the ceremony will be rewarded top ten best crews!

Legends in Rallye Prague Revival - drivers or co-drivers who started on races before y.1990!

1. Who took part in rallies in CSSR / Rallye Škoda, Barum, Bohemia, Tatry etc./
2. Who took part in international rallies in all over the world

This category will be publish separately in the results.

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