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RPR 2018 - Intro

přidáno: 26. 1. 2018 3:41, autor: Eduard Patera   [ Aktualizováno 12. 4. 2018 14:57 uživatelem Applications ‎(system account)‎ ]
Rallye Prague Revival 2018 has almost got its final shape.
Only the second Friday show section (SS) needs arrangements, the preliminary schedule will be released by the end of February! Looking at what we have prepared so far, it is clear this will be the most difficult Revival in its history. Not only with the number of kilometres that have increased due to our GPS units enabling more SS sites. We have 15 SS planned this year! And there will be more drive on penetration and gravel roads, too.
So far the itinerary amounts to 662 km, 134 km on Friday, 358 km on Saturday and 170 km on Sunday (without SS):
Friday leg will have 3 SS (incl. Hipodrom, ?, rallycross). First car expected to start from the city centre at 18.50. The itinerary ends in Hradec Kralove, at Masaryk´s square. The first crew is expected to arrive at the hotel at ca. 21.50.
Saturday leg has 9 SS on the schedule with quite some kilometres to drive! All are to be driven twice, only Czechring three times. There will be refreshment and toilettes available at most of time controls. Car no. 1 will reach the hotel at ca. 18.15.
There will newly be 3 SS on Sunday. Two will be the same as on Friday, plus SS 13 Motodrom Pardubice. The first crew should return back to Radotin by 14.00.
We remind the crews that – this year – initial technical inspection will be requested for all vehicles.