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RPR 2016: Trip to the centre of Prague

přidáno: 2. 3. 2016 8:03, autor: Tomáš Klíma   [ Aktualizováno 27. 9. 2016 2:09 uživatelem Applications ‎(system account)‎ ]
Again, we would like to offer all foreign participants a visit of the historic center of Prague. This trip would take place on Thursday starting around 10 A.M. Due to this trip it would be ideal for you to arrive on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. Be so kind and advise about your participation on this trip (the centre of Prague is really beautiful!).
Regarding your entry forms we do not need any more info as all will be solved at the administrative check. Special regulations with detailed info will be released one month before the event!

Accommodation for all foreign crews is already booked (Friday to Sunday). The event’s center - Vocational school of Radotin - offers large area for parking of auxiliary and servicing vehicles. During the event it will be guarded by a security agency.

English speaking steward will be available and taking care of the foreign participants during the whole event.
With many friendly
Eda Patera